Top Nutraceutical Manufacturers In India

Top Nutraceutical Manufacturers In India – India is diverse and one of the most developing nations having the industries for almost every sector. The nutraceutical industry is also growing. It was asserted that this nutraceutical market is worth approximately $4 Billion in 2017 and expected to reach a notable value of 21% CAGR to $10 Billion in 2022 and $18 Billion by the end of 2025.

There are numerous nutraceutical companies in India, but very few are providing top quality nutraceutical products at an affordable price. United labs is a well-known name in the industry of manufacturing top quality nutraceuticals products in India. Being a Top Third Party Nutraceutical Manufacturer in India, we not only deliver our premium quality nutraceutical products within the nation but also export overseas and make our product well known all over the world. Mainly, we export our products in the USA, Europe, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Philippines, etc.

Our mission is to improve the health of every individual on a global level, for that, we put every single effort to make premuim quality products. Our research team after rigorous scientific research goes deep into the roots of how we can improve the healthcare system and come up with nutraceutical products with natural and pure ingredients. We maintain our product standards according to the national as well as international market and compete with other nutraceutical product manufacturers in India on a global level by improving the quality of our products. As per the positive feedback of clients and increasing sales in India and outside of India we can say that our company will achieve a good milestone on the international level.

Our Exclusive Products Range for Nutraceutical Manufacturing in India

Being the leading Nutraceutical Manufacturers in India, we manufacture the top quality range of pharmaceutical products. Moreover, the products which we have manufactured were made after going through deep research by our R&D team who are well qualified in their field. Therefore, our products are considered a top-quality product in the nutraceutical market, as well as masses, also give preference to our products. We have almost all kind of nutraceutical product ranges which comes in different forms such as: 

  1. Soft Gel
  2. Tablets
  3. Capsules
  4. Syrups
  5. Granules 
  6. Sachet 
  7. Powder 

Third Party Manufacturing Solutions for Nutraceutical Products

There are many large scale and small scale firms that do not manufacture their own product and prefer third party manufacturing companies, so United labs being the Best Nutraceutical Manufacturers In India has taken the initiative to improve health by introducing its best quality nutraceutical products. We manufacture the product under the guidelines of WHO and GMP. The Products offered by us are approved by DCGI which ensures the quality of the product. We produce the product in the long and strong supply chain management in order to maintain the quality of the product. Our plants are well equipped with advanced machinery and other equipment which work to provide you the best quality products. Third party manufacturing is beneficial for those who do not want to give themselves the burden of research, manufacturing, packaging the products and then sell them in the market. It is a hassle-free idea and followed by many firms. 

Here are some key benefits of associating with us third party manufacturing for products.

Cost-effective Production  – Outsourcing the third party manufacturing company is less expensive than setting up your own manufacturing plant, buying machinery and other assets, producing products, and getting them approved from official departments.

Time-Saving – The client does not need to worry about the products in stock, and manufacturing the products, which saves the time that he can utilize in keeping himself focused to boost the sale by marketing the products, and generating the business. 

Quality of ProductionBy outsourcing the company you can make a wider market by providing them with premium quality products that are produced by third party manufacturing companies.

Professional experience – Our company consists of a team of experts who has proficiency in the nutraceutical industry. Moreover, trained manpower is equipped in our manufacturing unit. The professionalism of our company will help you earn more exposure and sell products because of our premium quality ranges.

United Laboratories Manufactures Wide Ranges of Nutraceutical Formulations

United Labs here bring you a vast range of Nutraceutical products at the best prices. All the drugs manufactured by us have been made up of rich and good material. The company is a reliable and trusted Nutraceutical Third Party Manufacturing Company in India. The quality of the products is our main priority thus we look after the whole manufacturing process ourselves. The range of drugs offered by us are internationally approved as we follow all the guidelines laid by WHO.

As we have top quality nutraceutical products, our research and development team analyze the demanded products in the market and work on those products efficiently. We have a wide range of products. 

Here is the list of some of the nutraceutical products:

  1. Enzymes with Amino acids and Multivitamin Tablets
  2. Lycopene, Antioxidant with Vitamins and Minerals Capsules
  3. Magnesium Bisglycinate Tablets
  4. Co-Enzyme Q10 Tablets
  5. Methylcobalamin with Alpha Lipoic Acid, Inositol, and Omega 3 Fatty Acid Tablets
  6. Lycopene with DHA, L- Methylfolate, Methylcobalamin and Multivitamins Tablets
  7. Coenzyme Q10 Tablet
  8. Multivitamin multimineral Capsules
  9. Methylcobalamin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Folic Acid With Pyridoxine HCl And Thiamine Mononitrate Tablets
  10. Multivitamin, Multimineral and Zinc Tablets

Except these we have many other product ranges, to see more: CLICK HERE

Procedure for 3rd Party Manufacturing of Nutraceutical Products

Once our clients reach us for Nutraceutical third party Manufacturing services, we require some essential information from them like,we need an approved brand name and composition from our forthcoming associates. It should be in written form and must have other documents with it for us.Then, we will begin with the process. Basically, the whole process takes around 40 to 50 days for new clients and 30 to 40 days for those who are already associated with us. The process includes four steps

  • The new client has to take approval for composition from the drug department which will take around one week.
  • The packing materials like boxes, design and written description on it will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks.
  • After that, we can start our manufacturing that will take 10 – 15 days 
  • After manufacturing final products they are ready to deliver, which will take roughly 4 to 7 days.

This process is handled by our supply chain manager who is responsible for each step and they are well qualified in the field of supply chain logistics.

Process For Third Party Nutraceutical Manufacturing Services

With our manufacturing services we focus on offering our clients the manufacturing services at affordable charges and to provide the best quality range of drugs. We offer the pocket friendly Nutraceutical third-party manufacturing in India, but that does not mean we compromise with the quality of the drugs. We have been running our business successfully and flourish for many years now by providing the best services to our clients nationally and globally.

Take a look at the insight of our company working process:

Finalizing Composition And Order Quantity

As we believe in having long-term relationships with our clients thus we always work according to them we make the list of products and compositions they are seeking for. After finalizing the composition, our next step is to make sure about the quantity of the products they want to deal in. 

  1. Choose the salt and formulas, after fixing the order quantity.
  2. 5000 to 10000 boxes are needed to pack the one lac tablets and capsules 
  3. The minimum order of Syrups/Dry Syrups should be 3000 to 5000.

Setting Quotation For Products 

According to the budget the company files quotation for the purpose of contract manufacturing or third party manufacturing service.The document covers all the aspects such as pricing, packaging and the blueprint of the product.

  1. Our company representative sends you a quotation after finalized the compositions.
  2. The quotation contains all necessary details regarding the pricing, packaging and detail of how the product will be secured.
  3. Along with this, the quotation includes the due payment which you need to pay and how much you have already paid.

Required Documents Submission

Some documents are mandatory for getting third party manufacturing services from us. There is some important requirement which the client has to fulfil at the beginning. That document should be approved by the central and state government.

  1. The associate must have a drug license and GST number approval.
  2. The associate has to submit the non-resemblance certificate PAN Card, Adhar card and cancel cheques during making a contract with a third-party manufacturer.
  3. A client must have original documents when he visits because a third party manufacturer can check them.

Finalizing Packing Material 

We understand the requirements a client has thus we offer them customized packaging of these medicines. The whole packaging material used by us is certified and provides the whole information of the product. For more detail here are a few points.

  1. Firstly, finalize the product packaging and what type of design and labelling on packaging client’s need.
  2. Then decide the colour combination and description of the product.
  3. The company name who will market it and the main logo must be provided by the client.

Product Manufacturing

Once we have done the official work and final packing material, our team starts with the production process. We manufacture our whole drug range in the certified units with the help of our experts. The company has a team of professionals who supervise the whole manufacturing process themselves to ensure the quality results.

  1. We start the manufacturing process by coming up with raw material which we purchase from reputed industries. 
  2. Our analyst sorted the raw material by filtering it and removing the unnecessary part from it.
  3. Our production team start the production and converting raw material into the final product 
  4. The drug inspector examines the final product and gets them ready for packaging.

Product Delivery

United labs ensure their clients receive the product safely. The company is teamed up with the best networking team that helps us to deliver the whole drug range in the shortest time frame. We provide transportation in different locations with 100% safety of the product.

  1. Our experts count and check the product in the manner of the default piece.
  2. Our logistics team dispatch the product very efficiently and get them ready for delivery.
  3. Delivery will take around 5 to 6 days or depending on the total distance.

What Makes Us The Best Nutraceutical Manufacturers In India

Our company as the top Nutraceutical Manufacturers In India has many key qualities but what makes us ideal and the best nutraceutical third party manufacturing company In India is our hard work and productquality. Our staff work on quality services and we give our best to satisfy our client as it is our main priority. Our director Munish Goel believes that the essence of our best quality services goes to our staff, who manufacture the products and give us better outcomes. Here are some key qualities of our company.

  • United labs has its own warehouse where all kinds of products can store on a large scale.
  • Stock availability of demanded products which are usually sold in the market.
  • Our all staff work very hard and smart with dedication 
  • We equally give importance to the quality of packaging and quality of the product

Therefore, we are keen to deliver the best nutraceutical product and see you as our upcoming associate. For that contact us today.

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