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Soy Protein Manufacturer in India – Soy protein is considered a high-quality protein source. With the world’s rising appetite for healthier, sustainable options, soy protein has emerged as a growing shining star, and India stands at the forefront of its production. United Laboratories is well well-known Soy Protein Manufacturer in India, We are not only producers but also innovators. Our manufactured product plays a role in various physiological functions, including muscle building, immune system support, and enzyme production.

United Laboratories is a highly reputed ISO, GMP, and WHO-certified third-party manufacturing company. We produce a large range of superior-quality soy proteins in our WHO and GMP-certified manufacturing unit, that are approved by FSSAI. With 7+ years of experience as a Leading Soy Protein Manufacturer in India, embrace sustainability, opting for resource-efficient methods that leave a gentle footprint in the manufacturing industry. To match global-level quality standards we strictly follow all guidelines and instructions of WHO and GMP.


Soy Protein Manufacturer in India

Join us in embracing a lifestyle rooted in nature. Welcome to United Laboratories’ Top Soy Protein Manufacturer and supplier in India that offers the best manufacturing services. To get more information and details call us now, dial +91 9876510101, or you may write an email to

Manufactured R&D Team Quality Tested Soy Protein Revolutionizing Nutrition

We prioritize the quality of products. We manufacture high-quality soy protein for those customers who adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. It is available in different forms such as powder and sachets. Usually, our best quality product is designed to contain around 70-80% protein which is vital for muscle repair, maintaining body weight,  growth, and overall well-being. Our Soy Protein Manufacturer in India follows careful extraction processes that break down complex proteins into more digestible forms, allowing for better absorption and utilization by the body.

  • Soybeans: It is the basic source of soy protein, that’s why we purchased high-quality soybeans from trusted vendors in the market to make the best product.
  • Acids or Alkalis: During the manufacturing process acids or alkalis are used to adjust pH levels. This is crucial for solubilizing proteins and separating them from other components.
  • Enzymes: Often enzymes are employed to break down protein matrix, facilitating protein extraction and concentrating specific components.
  • Flavorings: Natural or artificial flavorings added to improve the taste inherent off flavors are present in the soy protein.
  • Nutritional Additives: It is designed as nutritional supplements, and might include additional minerals, vitamins,  or amino acids to enhance their nutritional profile.
  • Antioxidants: Vitamin E is also added to prevent oxidation and extend the shelf life of the product.

Benefits of Collaborated With India’s Eco-Conscious Soy Protein Manufacturers & Suppliers

Unibiotech Formulation is a prominent player in the Indian soy protein market. They specialize in producing high-quality soy protein isolates that find application in a wide range of food products, including dairy alternatives, baked goods, and nutritional supplements. Being a Top Soy Protein Manufacturing Company in India, associated with foreign countries, and our major markets are India, the USA, Europe, Uganda, Kenya, Bangladesh, South Africa, Nigeria, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, etc.

  • Adapt to changing market demands
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Provide high-quality products
  • Prioritize environmental sustainability
  • Customer care department that is 24 hours available
  • Own temperature-controlled warehouse
  • Trusted vendors of the Market
  • Attractive Packaging
  • Cutting edge equipment
  • Best manufacturing Services
  • Facility Design and maintenance
  • Advance technology
  • State of art facilities
  • Skilled R&D Staff
  • Personnel Training
  • Best Document Management
  • 7+ years of experience Manufacturer and Supplier in India
  • Ingredients are tested in our own micro labs
  • On-time delivery guaranteed
  • Manufacturing process validation
  • Best Stock management
  • Continues Improvement
  • Skilled R&D Team
  • Best Raw Materials
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • FDA and EMA regulations
  • The best control process adopted by us
  • Won more than 20+ awards and certificates
  • Eco friendly
  • Ethical business module
  • Updated solution
  • Effective Cost
  • Genuine deals and offers
  • Strong distribution network
  • Keep our workplaces contamination-free and hygienic

United Laboratories Manufacturing Company Offers Best Manufacturing Services

United Laboratories was founded in the year of 2015. We earned the trust of numerous reputed marketing companies in India by providing our best third-party manufacturing services to clients at the most reasonable rates. The main target of the Soy Protein Manufacturer and supplier in India is to match the requirements of the market at the most economical rates. We deal in bulk quantities with retailers, wholesalers, pharmacists, and dealers.

  • Skilled R&D Team: We are backed by a skilled R&D team that is proficient in understanding the demands of customers. They are experts in their own field. Professionals are tested on all Soy Proteins at each level.
  • Stock Management: We see that many clients suffer from stock shortages in the market but with a Soy Protein Manufacturer in India, you never face this issue we are always available with highly demanding stocks.
  • Attractive Packaging: We pack our  Soy Protein available in different forms like powder and sachets. We packed the product in an attractive manner. Before delivery, we ensure that all packages are damaged and leakage-proof.
  • Fast Delivery: United Laboratories  Soy Protein Manufacturer and Supplier in India is a punctual manufacturing company. We value your time and guarantee to deliver all ordered stock on time.
  • Manufacturing Related Duty: We offer the best manufacturing services in India, for run a smooth manufacturing process cycle, we divide production-related duties into different departments such as composition collecting, shipping, packaging, and manufacturing.
  • Customer Care: United Laboratories best  soy protein manufacturing company in India, appointed a customer care department that is available 24 hours. They welcome all doubts and queries regarding manufacturing services.

WHO and GMP Certified Manufacturing Unit For Effective Production

We have a well-equipped manufacturing unit that is WHO and GMP-compliant which covers everything from facility design and equipment validation to documentation and employee training. Our professionals maintained regular sanitation practices that are essential to prevent contamination and ensure soy protein integrity. Our employees are educated in GMP, standard operating procedures, and safety protocols to make sure consistent, safe, and compliant manufacturing practices.

  • Manufacturing processes are reliable, reproducible, and capable of consistently meeting specifications.
  • A Soy Protein Manufacturer in India committed to continuous improvement is indicative of a high-quality manufacturing unit.
  • Equipment used in manufacturing is regularly calibrated and validated to ensure accurate and consistent results.
  • A robust quality control and assurance program is essential to monitor raw materials.

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