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Softgel Capsule Manufacturer In Nashik – If we talk about the world of high-quality Nutra products, then the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is United Laboratories. We are contributing a lot in order to fulfil the needs and the requirements of other Nutraceutical companies who are looking for the top third party manufacturer of Softgel Capsules in Nashik. Till now, a great number of firms have already associated with us and have taken our services for manufacturing nutraceutical products. We are conceived as the best Softgel Capsule Manufacturer In Nashik.

Having a rigorous quality control team in place allows us to produce top-quality Softgel Capsules. Being a well known Softgel Capsule Company in Nashik, United Laboratories has made its benchmark felt among the other manufacturers in Nashik. All of our manufacturing plants are accompanied by hi-tech machines and the work is done as per the norms set by WHO, IMA and other regulatory authorities. Being linked with an excellent team of logistics, and customer care executives, we are also referred to as the top Softgel Capsule Manufacturer In Nashik.

Softgel Capsules Manufacturer

Let us know if you want to get the manufacturing services from this softgel capsule manufacturing in Nahsik. Just contact us through call us at +91 9317410101 or email us at to learn more about our vast product line.

A Diverse Selection Of Softgel Capsules For Third Party Manufacturing

Being a leading third party Softgel Capsule Manufacturer Nashik in various areas of India, we are focused on delivering a wide range of molecules in terms of softgels so that the needs of different individuals can be fulfilled. All types of nutraceutical products are manufactured by us as we are focused on curing all kinds of health ailments that one might be having. The manufacturing services that we are offering are made available at a very viable rate. Due to our continuous efforts, we are able to cater to the various needs and requirements of various Nutraceutical professionals who are looking for a highly recommended Softgel capsule manufacturer in India. The list of the softgel capsules that we are offering includes:

Flaxseed Softgel Capsule
Spirulina Softgel Capsule
Cholecalciferol – 60000 IU Softgel Capsule
Silymarin With Multivitamin Softgel Capsule
Methylcobalamin & Pregabalin Softgel Capsule
Gabapentin With Methylcobalamin Softgel Capsule
Biotin, Minerals And Amino Acid Softgel Capsule
Cissus Quadrangularis Extract – 500 Mg Softgel Capsule
Carbonyl Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C And Zinc Softgel Capsule
Methyl., Pregaba., Alpha L.Acid, F.Acid, Thiam., Pyri. & Cal. Phosphate Softgel Capsule
Ferrous Ascorbate With Folic Acid And Zinc Softgel Capsule
Folic Acid With Methylcobalamin & Dha Softgel Capsule
Ginseng Extract With Methylcobalamin Softgel Capsule
Lycopene With Multivitamin, Minerals & Antioxidants Softgel Capsule
Cranberry – 300 Mg + D-Mannose – 600 Mg Softgel Capsule
Antioxidants With Multivitamins & Minerals Softgel Capsule
Vitamin C – 40 Mg + Vitamin 135 – 5 Mg + Cranberry – 300 Mg + L-Methionine – 22 Mg Softgel Capsule
Tribulus Terrestris, Chasteberry, Evening Primrose, Green Tea, Lycopene, Vitamins, Minerals With Amino Acids Softgel Capsule.
Vitamin K2-7 – 22.5 Mcg + Calcitriol – 0.25 Mcg + Calcium Carbonate – 625 Mg + Boron – 500 Mcg + Zinc – 7.5 Mg Softgel Capsule
Collagen Peptide ( Type I) – 40 Mg + Sodium Hyaluronate – 30 Mg + Chondroitin Sulfate – 200 Mg + Vitamin C – 35 Mg Softgel Capsule

Strict Quality Measurements Taken By Us For Nutraceutical Softgel Capsules

Quality is one of such things which are first noticed by the Nutraceutical companies who take our third party manufacturing services for nutraceutical softgel capsules. Along with the quality, we are also focused on making the products available in very attractive packaging in order to make sure that their reach gets increased a lot. This way the firm that will be working with us for getting their Softgel Capsules manufactured will be able to leave a benchmark in the Nutraceutical sector. Not only the looks, but the shelf life of the product also increases a lot and we all know that it is also one of such factors that are noticed by various people prior to choosing the right nutraceutical product for them. Have a look at some of the features that make us the first choice for many Nutraceutical professionals for getting their Softgel Capsules manufactured.

  • Here cutting edge technology is being utilized for quality product manufacturing.
  • All the hi-tech devices are being lubricated and serviced for better performance.
  • Proper certifications are taken by us from the respective authority prior to sending them for delivery.
  • Customized packing solutions are also offered by us for the long shelf life of the products.
  • All the different needs and requirements of the client are first understood by us in a very brief manner.

Advantages Of Working With The Top Softgel Capsule Manufacturer In Nashik

The number of reasons why one must choose us over other dealers is so many in number. Till our working experience now, we have attained a great customer base that has gained us a reputable position in the Nutraceuticals industry. We are more focused on surpassing the expectations of all the clients that are linked with us as it will help both parties to make a better name. Seeing the ever-increasing demand for various kinds of softgel capsules we have taken the decision to offer our quality rich services to all the Nutraceuticals professionals and other individuals who are looking for the same.

  • We offer those nutraceutical products which are completely safe for usage on a daily basis and the most widely used product type is softgel capsules.
  • We are trying our best to offer the best possible services from our end so that the linked party can get what they really deserve.
  • A good number of quality checks are done by us prior to sending the orders for delivery.

How Do We Manufacture Quality Softgel Capsules?

There are various Nutraceuticals clients who look for nutraceutical manufacturers in various ranges and they seek the manufacturing services from a reputable third party manufacturer who can do a good job for them. We are focused on delivering the best possible third party manufacturing services for various kinds of nutraceutical products all over the nation and at the moment we are focused on Nashik in particular. All of our efforts are directed towards fulfilling our aim of reducing the overall cost of the Softgel Capsules that we manufacture. The process that is followed by us in order to manufacture Softgel Capsules is as follows:

  • To commence the work, we attain 100% effective raw material from our trusted sources.
  • Then the same is separated in search of any extraneous particles that may be there in it.
  • To make it ahead, the manufacturers start to do the production work and they are guided by the Nutraceuticals experts that are linked with us.
  • Our production process involves some steps such as grinding, coatings, filling, mixing, granulation, etc.
  • In the end, the workers then pack the products in a very attractive manner.

So if you are a Nutraceuticals or nutra professional who is looking for the top Softgel Capsule Manufacturer In Nashik then make sure to contact us by using the following details.


Name: United Laboratories

Address: Unit 1: Plot 3, Hansa Industrial Park, Barwala Road, Derabassi – 140507

Mobile No: +91 9876510101