Nutraceutical Products Exporters from India to Vietnam

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Nutraceutical Products Exporter from India to Egypt
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Nutraceutical Products Exporters from India to Vietnam

Nutraceutical Products Exporters from India to Vietnam – In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is too preoccupied with their hectic schedules to prepare a meal for themselves. People prefer fast and prepared food for a variety of reasons, including taste. These foods are deficient in essential nutrients, which are critical for the body’s natural growth. As a consequence, United Laboratories, a Nutraceutical Products Exporter from India to Vietnam, is dedicated to providing essential nutrient supplements that contain essential nutra components. To meet the global standard of the products, we manufacture them in accordance with WHO and GMP policies.

United Laboratories is an ISO certified Nutraceutical Products Exporters from India to Vietnam, offering a wide range of effective nutraceutical supplements to the Vietnamese market. Our extensive range of high-quality nutra products includes tablets, powder, syrups, granules, capsules, suspensions, and many more. All of these products contain a variety of nutrients such as magnesium, protein, multivitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, vitamins, Lycopene with dha, l-methylfolate, methylcobalamin, and many others. Our nutraceutical company in Vietnam also understands the needs of the client and provides them with additional services to make the transaction comfortable and smooth.

Thriving Demand Of Nutraceutical Products In Vietnam

In the year 2000, there were 13 companies operating in the nutraceutical products market. This number has increased to 4000 in 2017, with 836 local companies accounting for 60% of the market’s products. Vietnam imports nutraceutical products on a large scale from India, China, and other countries. Today, the Nutraceutical products market in Vietnam is expanding rapidly, as nutraceutical products are becoming a new trend for Vietnamese consumers seeking a healthier lifestyle. This is due to a lack of essential nutrients that the body consumes from food, as well as a failure to maintain a daily healthy diet. Vietnam’s nutraceutical market was worth $1,792 million USD in 2015, ranking the country third in Southeast Asia.

Procedure Of Importing Nutraceutical Products To Vietnam

India amongst the top 10 countries which is trading on a greater scale with Vietnam. Till now Vietnam has imported more than products and services worth around USD 12 billion. Rapidly India is becoming a great exporter for nutraceutical products as the need of quality nutra products is in demand in this nation. As India comes in ASEAN and Vietnam is also a member of this ASEAN then the nutraceutical products can be imported with tax free integration.

There are two ways to import the nutraceutical products from India

Register Your Business in Vietnam

You must first register as a trading company in Vietnam before you can begin importing products from other countries. To register your company, you must first obtain a trading licence, which can be obtained in a few steps. However, it is important to note that there are no specific investment requirements to start a trading company in any product, including the nutraceutical range.

  • You must first obtain an investment registration certificate, which could take up to 20 working days.
  • Then you’ll need a business registration certificate, which could take up to 7 days to obtain.
  • If you intend to engage in the sales business, you can now apply for a trading licence.

Import the nutraceutical products to Vietnam

In this option you do not need to register your nutraceutical business in Vietnam. You can directly import the nutraceutical products to Vietnam without any trading license and in this you have to engage with any trading company and ask them to import the products to Vietnam from India.

What Makes Us The Best Nutraceuticals Company for Importing Products From India To Vietnam?

United Laboratories is a well known Nutraceutical Products Exporters from India to Vietnam. We have been dealing with various nations and providing them with an effective range of nutraceutical products. Moreover, this nutraceutical products company in Vietnam also has received various types of awards and nominations in the market. United Laboratories also has been honored with fastest growing nutraceutical company in 2020 and further we have also achieved other awards. This is because of our quality nutra products which are manufactured in the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

  • For high-quality nutra products, advanced or cutting-edge technology is used.
  • To improve unit performance, all tools are lubricated and serviced by the technicians.
  • Our services are used by over 500 customers in the nutraceutical industry.
  • Sanitization is performed on the unit to ensure that it is free of contamination for quality purposes.
  • The research team works on a variety of components and brings the most recent products to market.
  • +400 nutraceutical products are available at affordable prices so that everyone can benefit from them.

Advantageous of Collaborating With Best Nutraceutical Products Exporters from India to Vietnam

This Nutraceutical Company in Vietnam has been in the nutra industry for over a half-decade and is committed to offering complete customer satisfaction. In terms of customer satisfaction, United Laboratories is a well-known name in the nutra industry. Before launching this nutraceutical company, we investigated the problems that clients were experiencing. However, as we constantly come up with something useful for our clients, we made several advantages that smoothen the entire transaction. We being the best nutraceutical products exporters from India to Vietnam have learned that businesses were experiencing late delivery, product shortages, damaged products, and other issues. So, let’s talk about how our clients deal with these challenges.

Transportation- In order to keep our clients pleased and remove disappointment, we always deliver the nutra products on time. We have a highly skilled logistics team to ensure that the products are delivered on schedule.

Stock Availability- We constantly have the most popular nutraceutical products in stock in our warehouse so that our customers who have already done with 2- 3 deals with us, do not experience any delays when they are in desperate need.

Safety- We especially take care of the safety while manufacturing as well as delivering of the products. By the way we pack the products in an accurate way so that there is not any chance left to damage and leakage of the products.

Customer service- We have assigned customer service professionals so that our clients may contact us at any time and receive precise information about our importing the nutraceutical products from India to Vietnam.

Contact Details;

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