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September 2, 2021
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Nutraceutical Products Exporter from India to South Africa – Malnutrition has become a main concern across the world in many nations. South Africa is also one of them where many people have been witnessing a lack of essential nutrients in the body. Therefore, many companies and distributors are seeking the best nutraceutical company in South Africa to fill the demand of nutrients supplement. United Laboratories, which is a prominent name in the market has been named as a best Nutraceutical Products Exporter from India to South Africa. Our organisation is fulfilling the demand of many companies and distributors across the world with quality nutraceutical products. All products are DCGI and FSSAI approved, delivered in various areas where the need for nutritional supplement is hiking.

United Laboratories has been recognised  for its high-quality nutraceuticals products in South Africa since numerous firms and distributors have been getting them for many years. All of our goods are made with cutting-edge technology and the aid of manufacturing professionals. Nutraceutical Products Exporter from India to South Africa offers a broad variety of high-quality nutrient supplements, including cranberry, saw palmetto, minerals, amino acids, vitamin C, magnesium, l-methionine, nettle leaf, and multivitamins. To ensure that our goods meet international standards, our entire workforce conforms to WHO and GMP production standards. To continuously assist our clients’ businesses we always keep the most demanded products in stock.

To know more about our nutraceutical manufacturing services or about importing products in South Africa contact us by calling at +91 9876510101 or email at

Why The Demands for Nutraceutical Products is Increasing In South Africa?

Although nutraceuticals are required for overall well-being and the maintenance of the body’s health. Furthermore, it has a good effect on the body by finding the root of certain health disorders and removing them without causing any harm. However, as a Nutraceutical Products Exporter from India to South Africa, we have discovered that many individuals in this country are deficient in important nutrients. It also decreases life expectancy since many individuals die each year due to a lack of nutrients such as vitamins, iron, zinc, protein, and many more that the body requires.

South Africa suffers from a “double burden of malnutrition.” One in every four children under the age of five is stunted, on the other side one in every eight is overweight. Severe malnutrition is one of the top three causes of child mortality, and the number of stunted and overweight kids is rising.

What Makes us the Top Exporter of Nutraceutical Products From India To South Africa?

United Laboratories is a well-known industry third-party nutraceutical production firm. Even in 2020 or last year, we were recognised as the world’s fastest growing nutraceutical firm. Clients from all over the world, including the United States, Europe, South Africa, Korea, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Afghanistan, and others, contact us to obtain our nutraceutical goods. United Laboratories’ success can be attributed only to the excellent quality of its manufacturing facility, which houses all of the company’s quality nutraceutical production. The unit is built on a big, open plot of ground and has different divisions for each sort of work, making our manufacturing more efficient.

  • For high-quality production, the facility is well-equipped with cutting-edge high tech equipment.
  • To increase performance or output, all equipment is lubricated and maintained.
  • We have more than 400 nutra supplements for exporting to South Africa even these are found to be effective.
  • We are able to obtain tax-free reductions since we are located in a duty-free zone.
  • Our facility is generally sanitised in order to keep the manufacturing area free of infection.

Categories of Nutraceutical Products offered by United Laboratories

Quality is our major priority, and in order to preserve it, all of our products go through many processes. Our production is part of our overall sustainable supply chain management, which guarantees that all resources are used as efficiently as possible. The sustainable supply chain team strives to reduce waste and demonstrates the way to the whole manufacturing crew, including logistics. It lowers the overall cost of the products and, as a result, improves their quality. We produce the best nutra products for our clients in order for them to establish a strong name in the market by delivering all of our products at reasonable prices. Here is the list of nutraceutical product categories we deal in;

  • Andrology
  • Anti-Anemic
  • Anti-Obesity
  • Antidiabetic
  • Antidiarrheal
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Digestive Supplement/Appetizers
  • Eye Health
  • Granules/Sachet
  • Gynaecology
  • Health Supplements
  • Hepatology
  • Neurology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Other Food/Health Supplements

Procedure To Importing Nutraceutical Products In South Africa From India

Exporting goods from one country to another or trading with other countries helps both countries flourish. It contributes to the economy’s strong development and expansion; moreover, it creates business possibilities as well as jobs. In particular, importing nutraceutical products from India into South Africa not only helps to improve the economy but also provides superior health care to the people of this country. If you want to make a lot of money while also helping people live healthier lives by importing our nutrient supplements from India, then follow this method described by the best Nutraceutical Products Exporter from India to South Africa.

  • Register as an importer with Sars by completing Form No. IE230 for Importer Registration.
  • Go to ITAC or download the relevant form and fill it out as it is required.
  • Fill out forms like IE230 and IE 461 if you’re importing nutraceutical goods for commercial use.
  • Submit both forms to ITAC’s Directorate of Import and Export Control. Look for their answer lower down the page.

We hope this article has helped you in understanding the process to import Nutraceutical Products from India to South Africa still if you have any confusion contact us by calling or email at the given details.

Contact Information;

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