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June 23, 2021
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Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Punjab– In this fast-paced world, the demand for Nutra products is booming in every region. But if we talk particularly about third party manufacturing for Nutra products then it is the method that is witnessing the high demand in the northern part of the nation. Being the richest state in India, Punjab has been emerging not only as wealthier but also as a healthier province. United Laboratories which is a top Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Punjab delivers all kinds of best quality Nutra products. We have a wide selection of quality products that come in tablets, capsules, powder, sachet, syrup, and many others.

Our company is an ISO certified Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Punjab and processed its products by using cutting edge technology. We have been adhering to all norms set by WHO and GMP since our company was established. Our immense product portfolio helps our clients to get all types of nutraceutical products or supplements just under one roof. Moreover, United Laboratories is a top player in the nutraceutical market, that never leaves any stone unturned to satisfy its clients. We provide on-time delivery of the order since we have an exceptional logistics team.

Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Punjab

Our Nutraceutical Manufacturing Company in Punjab is welcoming new customers to outsource our unit for superior Nutra products. Just pick a phone and call us at +91 9876510101 or you can text us at

Factors, That Attracts Clients To Get Our Nutraceutical Manufacturing In Punjab

United Laboratories is a prominent name in the industry that is known for providing superior quality of the products. The company is backed by well educated and experienced staff that works efficiently to make our third party manufacturing services best in terms of quality. One of the excellent features of United Laboratories is that the company is not only serving India with the quality products, but also exporting them overseas. So how we get these achievements as we are also known as global manufacturers, this has been possible just because of our first class manufacturing facility.

These are some of the features of our manufacturing company

  • Our unit is well equipped with hi-tech machinery which we are being used for manufacturing.
  • Our Punjab based manufacturing plant is most beneficial for third party nutraceutical manufacturing services.
  • All equipment and tools get oiled and serviced by our mechanical engineers.
  • Our unit is regularly sanitized in order to keep it contamination-free and hygienic.
  • We have a manufacturing plant with top-notch infrastructure as well as state-of-the-art.

How Are We Able To Deliver The Top Quality Nutra Products?

Our products are the main marketing tool and we also put every single effort into keeping their quality outstanding. Since we are associated with the lives of our society, we never compromise with the quality of the products. Our products have been fulfilling the deficiency of various types of important nutrients in the body for the last 6 years. All products are manufactured under strict measurements followed by our experts. The highly skilled production team processed the products in a systematic production lane.

Let’s take a look at top quality products offered by Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Punjab


Zea Lutein + Bilberry Extract + Saffron Extract + Zinc Monomethionine


Ginseng + Vitamins + Minerals Woman Formula

L-Methylfolate – I Mg + Methylcobalamin – 1.5 Mg + Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate – 0.5 Mg & Vitamin D3 – 25 Mcg


D-Ribose – 500 Mg + L-Carnitine – 500 Mg + Ubiquinol – 50 Mg + Magnesium – 50 Mg

L-Arginine – 3 Ci + Proanthocyartidin – 75 Mg + Vitamin B6 – 2 Mg + Folic Acid – 200 Meg + Dha 20% – 200 Mg


Collagen Peptides – 175 Mg + Grape Seed – 10 Mg + Green Tea – 10 Mg + Biotin – 10 Mg Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids

Lucrative Manufacturing Services Offered By United Laboratories

Being a reputed third party Nutraceutical manufacturing company in Punjab, we give full emphasis on satisfying the customers. Even we provide them lucrative services along with quality products so that they can continue to take our manufacturing to the future. We know most of the manufacturing companies do not provide full information which becomes a major concern sometimes for the customer. However, as per this need of our customers, we have already appointed customer care representatives for the help of our customers. In addition to this, here are some of the other benefits of our services.

Stock maintenance- We are familiar with the issues of stock shortage to the companies in the market and that ultimately impacts negatively to the final customer in the market. But our company always keeps the most required products in hand for our clients.

Logistics services- Our company respects the time of our clients and always provides them on-time delivery of the products. Because we do not want our clients to not receive products when they need for further sale.

Informative platform- United Laboratories is the exact nutraceutical manufacturing company in Punjab where companies and distributors from across the nation get to know the demand of products in the market.

Safety Measurements- From manufacturing and packaging of the products to deliver them, we especially take care of the safety of the products. Even we pack the products in that way so that there is not any chance left of damage to the products.

Steps Need To Follow To Get Our Third Party Manufacturing Services

After seeing huge demand for third party manufacturing, we have set our manufacturing services for numerous regions. Day by day we are gaining outstanding goodwill in the market through our manufacturing services. If you are looking for our third party manufacturing services but unfamiliar with the procedure. Then here are some steps which need to be followed. 

  • Prepare a list of types of nutraceutical products including the quantity which our customers want.
  • Discuss the prices with us, then we will send a quotation on the agreed prices of the products.
  • Now, let us know what artwork and packaging the customer preference for the items.
  • Documents are needed for official purposes, such as a photocopy of the GST permission, cancelled checks, and proof of non-resemblance.
  • We can now start production, which takes approximately 15 to 20 days depending on the size of the orders.

Finally, the order is delivered within a week after being placed, the time is not fixed it varies by distance. So, come ahead and get the best quality products from a legitimate Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Punjab.

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