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Nutraceutical manufacturer in Gwalior: One of the most beautiful cities of Madhya Pradesh in India, Gwalior is very famous for its cultural and industrial center that forms the center of the city. In today’s busy life structure people forget to take a healthy diet & intake all nutrients. Nutraceutical medicines are the best products to cure many health problems. Because of the potential nutritional, therapeutic effects, and safety measures of nutraceutical medicines which are made by nutraceutical companies that attain their good position of interest in the marketplace and one such leading firm is Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Gwalior.

United Laboratories is an ISO & GMP-certified best- manufacturing company in Gwalior that’s manufactured the best range of nutraceutical products. All the top-rated produced visionary  products are approved by DCGI & FSSAI. We make a remarkable position in the Nutraceutical field because of our genuine offers, deals & beneficial manufacturing services. Providing superior quality medicines by Nutraceutical Manufacturers in Gwalior we help entrepreneurs to enhance their business in the Nutraceutical field.  

Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Gwalior

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100% Quality Assured Products of Nutraceutical Medicines by our Company 

A large selection of our United Lab’s nutraceutical products is available for manufacturing. We provide the Nutraceutical company with a large and top-quality inventory of healthcare medicines. Producing medicine is one thing but Nutraceutical manufacturing must prioritize prompt delivery. Production and delivery of products are environment friendly and available at a reasonable price for us and all of our associates, thanks to all of them for a wide network of distribution & logistics personnel.

  1. Antioxidants with vitamins 
  2. Pre-pro biotics
  3. Vitamin D3 capsules 
  4. N-acetylcysteine
  5. Ginseng with multiminerals
  6. Ferrous ascorbate & folic Acid capsules
  7. Bilberry capsules
  8. Carbonyl iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, Vitamin C
  9. Calcium capsules
  10. Ginseng extract
  11. Piperine capsules
  12. Gabapentin capsules
  13. Bioactive collagen peptide
  14. B-complex capsules
  15. Silymarin
  16. Coral calcium 
  17. Vitamin C capsules
  18. Multiminerals
  19. Cholecalciferol
  20. Methylcobalamin capsules
  21. Spirulina 
  22. Vitamin E capsules
  23. Biotin capsules
  24. Ferrous ascorbate, folic acid and inc capsules
  25. Cissus quadrangular extract capsules
  26. Gabapentin capsules
  27. Potassium citrate capsules

Benefits of Collaborating with our Nutraceutical Company 

Our first priority is good product quality that’s why all the raw materials are purchased by trusted hand pickers & vendors by our own associates. The raw materials are examined in our own micro labs by professionals and we hire a customer care department that is always available to solve the queries and doubts of many clients regarding manufacturing services. Since we are dedicated to offering the most spectacular nutraceutical products to Nutraceutical specialists of Gwalior.

  • We have a wide distribution of networks so all the products are delivered punctually.
  • WHO-GMP Certified Manufacturing Unit for effective production and fulfilling all the requirements of customers.
  • All the raw materials used by us are pure in terms of quality and are purchased from the trusted vendor of the Nutraceutical market.
  • We use hi-tech devices and best manufacturing methods for delivering the products.
  • We have professional staff that places a high value on the invention of the Nutraceutical packaging of the final product.
  • Transparent deals when it comes to contract manufacturing of products. 
  • As a modern nutraceutical manufacturer in Gwalior, our team updates all solutions as per the market trend.
  • We follow all the business ethics like loyalty, environmental concerns, fairness, honesty, leadership, etc.

Best Manufacturing Services provided by  Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Gwalior

Nutraceutical Manufacturer is a prominent name in the Nutraceutical company that offers customer satisfaction through its best manufacturing services. We deal with retailers, pharmacists, franchise holders, entrepreneurs & much more. Our aim is not only to boost sales but also to mankind’s welfare. We offer all our bulk quantities at an effective cost price. We have a healthy working culture. Our associates are very proficient to understand all the needs and make the best efforts to fulfill all the requirements of clients.

  • Fast delivery: We always ensure that all the ordered stocks by clients are delivered on guaranteed time because we value our customer’s time by being punctual in delivering our products.
  • Warehouse facility: We have a very large spacious land where we store all our nutraceutical stocks. Our storage space is always cleaned, adding to it the temperature of the storage room is controlled by professionals, to increase the lifeline of medicinal products.
  • Stock availability: We don’t let our clients face tough situations of demanded stock shortages by providing stocks for 24-hour service.
  • Top quality packaging: To attract customers our main motive is to have attractive packaging for products. So, we hire a staff that handles the packaging department by packing the products carefully, and before delivering they recheck again to avoid any damage and leakage of stocks. 

GMP-WHO Certified Firm for 3rd-party Manufacturing

Our manufacturing units are growing in a large open plot of land with a one-of-kind infrastructure. To run the business smoothly, every production-related duty is handled by different departments like shipping, composition, R&D, and manufacturing. Apart from this, we pay great attention to all safety aspects in order to produce quality eyedrops in our WHO & GMP-certified Manufacturing Plant in Gwalior that’s motive is to make everyone healthy and fit.

  • Product design material
  • East, safe and secured dispatching methods
  • Follow all the safety measures
  • Well-established and well-equipped with cutting-edge technology.


United Laboratories is a well-known nutraceutical manufacturer in Gwalior, offering high-quality components, state-of-the-art equipment, fast and efficient manufacturing service, and a wide selection of quality nutritional supplements.

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