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Amritsar, city, northern Punjab state, northwestern India. It is a major commercial & cultural center in the heart of Punjab. Nowadays, nutraceuticals have received considerable interest due to their potential nutritional, therapeutic, and safety effects. Emphasis has been made to present herbal nutraceuticals effective on hard curative disorders related to oxidative stress, cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer, allergy, eye, immune, etc. So, to increase the size of the nutraceutical market United Laboratories has introduced itself as a Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Amritsar.

United Laboratories is an ISO and GMP-accredited nutraceutical Manufacturing Firm that offers a vibrant range of nutritional products for people. We care about your body’s health and all the health products are approved by FSSAI & DCGI. Moreover, to maintain the worldwide standard of manufacturing services, United Laboratories Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Amritsar strictly follows all guidelines of WHO and GMP. Aside from this, we build vast distribution channels, which is why we offer our manufacturing services in each corner of Amritsar.

Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Amritsar
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DCGI & FSSAI Approved Nutraceutical Products Manufactured by Leading Unit in Amritsar

A large selection of our United Laboratories’s nutraceutical products is available for manufacturing. We provide the Nutraceutical company with large and top-quality healthcare medicines. Producing medicine is one thing but Nutraceutical manufacturing must prioritize the prompt delivery of products. Production and delivery of products are environment friendly and available at a reasonable price for us and all of our associates, thanks to all of them for a wide network of distribution & logistics personnel. Here is a list of some nutraceutical products:

                            Product name                Strength 
Vitamin E200/400/400/600/1000 I.U.
Vitamin B121000mcg
Vitamin D31000 I.U.
Fish oil1000 mg
Cod liver oil300 mg
Vitamin D3 50000 I.U.
Sodium bicarbonate capsules500 mg
Fish oil 500 mg
Cod liver oil 500 mg
Ferrous fumarate tablet210 mg
Bovine colostrum capsules350/500 mg
Ginseng + Multivitamin + Minerals Multiple strength available 
Ferrous fumarate capsules 305 mg
Bovine colostrum sachet 10 gm/25 gm
Cynocoblamine tablet 50 mcg

What Makes United Laboratories the best Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Amritsar?

United Laboratories is a famous and remarkable name in the Nutraceutical industry that believes in 100% customer satisfaction and provides genuine offers and services to clients. Our firm deals in bulk quantity products with pharmacists, retailers, entrepreneurs, franchises, etc. Additionally, our company is very informative about our whole manufacturing procedure, we believe in fair deals & transparency. We give the right information on the product labels like use, ingredients, effects, side effects, products, etc.

  • All demanding stocks by our clients are 24 hours available
  • We update our all eyedrops range as per the market trends
  • A  wide range of nutraceutical product portfolios is produced by United Laboratories.
  • All our manufactured stocks are properly sanitized as well maintain hygiene.

We offer Best Manufacturing Services to our partners for Spreading the Business in the Nutraceutical Industry

Being a prominent firm in the Nutraceutical field, we are committed to our clients that we are 24 hours available with our effective stocks of nutraceuticals. Apart from this, we see many clients suffer from queries & doubts regarding manufacturing services, to overcome this tough situation we appoint a customer care department which solves all your issues and doubts and helps you with the correct information related to your firm. We always help you to expand your business in the Nutraceutical field.

  • Packaging quality: we provide you with attractive packaging not only boosts sales but also plays a crucial role to attract clients that are the reasons we hire the best packaging staff that packs all formulations in a very protective way and before delivery of products we check all the solution to avoid any damage and leakage.
  • Warehouse facility: We have our own warehouse to store all our nutraceutical medicines. The storage room is regularly cleaned by our workers and the temperature of the warehouse is controlled by professionals to increase the long life term of medications.
  • Fast delivery: Our staff members are always punctual in delivering the products as we value our customer’s time and ensure that all the products are delivered on time to our clients. 
  • Skilled staff: We are obsessed with our skilled R&D department. They deeply test all the ranges of nutraceutical medicines at each level and make the best efforts to fulfill all the requirements of customers. 

How Choosing us will be beneficial to you

To run a smooth manufacturing channel, we divided our unit into different units according to work like shipping, collecting, manufacturing, R&D, composition, and packaging. Our manufacturing firm is GMP-WHO certified and situated in a large big area, which is an eco-friendly area. Additionally, as an established business module factory we follow all the business ethics like fairness, honesty, loyalty, transparency, leadership, environmental, etc.

  • Follow all safety measurements.
  • Easy, secured & safe dispatch methods
  • All our raw materials are purchased by trusted vendors & handpicked by our own staff.
  • Hi-tech machinery & latest technology. 

Contact us

Name: United Laboratories

Address: Unit 1: Plot no. 3, Hansa Industrial Park, Barwala Road, Derabassi-140507 (Pb), Unit 2: K.No. 502 & 503, Vill. Bhagwanpura, Derabassi-140507(Pb)

Mobile No: +91 9876510101