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April 29, 2024
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Fish Collagen Manufacturer and Exporter in India: Collagen rich in proteins and essential nutrients minerals and vitamins is a very important substance in nutraceuticals, supplements and cosmetics because it has a long range of therapeutic properties. A report released by Intellectual Market Insights Research states that the global Fish Collagen Peptides Market was valued at USD 1200 Mn in 2023 and is projected to top the USD 2667.35 Mn market by 2032, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.5% from 2023 to 2032. With this in mind, United Laboratories, the leading Fish Collagen Manufacturing Company in India has been serving consumers continuously for 20 years as the leader in fish collagen manufacturing and exporting from India.

United Laboratories which is a GMP- and ISO-accredited Fish Collagen Manufacturer and Exporter in India with the brand name Titagen Fish Collagen presents a spectrum of collagen-rich products for your benefit. It is our paramount concern that your body remains healthy, therefore, our health products comply with the standards of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India and the Drug Controller General of India. In addition, we adopt rigorous social standards of manufacturing as indicated by the guidelines from the WHO and GMP regulations. On the one hand, we are developing a wide distribution channel and therefore, we are delivering our medicines not only nationally but also to international countries.

Fish Collagen Manufacturer and Exporter in India

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What Is Fish Collagen?

Fish collagen consists of collagen extracted from fish skins and scales. The MSC-certified collagen is made out of wild-caught fish, guaranteeing that the present surroundings are not harmed. In the case of fish collagen, the collagen has been specifically broken down into peptides (amino acids or protein units) so it is absorbed by the human body fastest.

What are the Benefits of Using Fish Collagen?

Combining a fish collagen supplement into your health regime is an easy yet versatile way to increase your daily intake of these important nutrients. This statement is especially important if you do not eat many foods with a lot of collagen as a nutrient or too few amino acids to use for building collagen.

  • Improves skin elasticity and hydration: Fish collagen not only replenishes the collagen level in the skin but also works on the removal of wrinkles and fine lines as well as associated dehydration.
  • Supports gut health: It helps in healing and regeneration of the intestinal barrier and, in consequence, boosts digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Promotes stronger, healthier hair: Fish collagen has amino acids that are essential for hair, it makes hair follicles strong and prevents breakage.
  • Encourages lean muscle growth: Collagen is involved in muscle structure and repair and, in turn, facilitates muscle recovery after exercise and the amount of muscle gain.
  • Supports joint and bone health: Fish collagen is a crucial source of amino acids for joint and bone strength and reduces joint pain and stiffness. Furthermore, it plays a role in strengthening bone density.

Highly Notable Name in the Nutraceutical Sector | United Laboratories

Established in 2015, United Laboratories is the leading Fish Collagen Manufacturer and Exporter In India which formed the focus of their organizational Differentiation Strategies in India. The company situated in Mohali, Punjab aims to provide a wide variety of medical products. We are the best match for all investors in the country who are looking for an economical manufacturing service provider of nutritional supplements.

With our Fish Collagen Manufacturing services in India which are the best on the market, we guarantee our customers and staff get their daily nutritional supplements. Our company has the highest respect in the country due to its top-quality products. A lot of Nutraceutical industry workers tend to use our products and services after they get to know us. We remember the contribution of our staff in the market as one of the reasons why India is recognized as the best nutritional supplement manufacturer.

  • 500+ satisfied customers
  • 300+ hard workers
  • Over 20 honours and awards from reputable organisations.
  • We have three modern production facilities using the latest machines.
  • Instantaneous and rapid manufacturing service
  • High-end packaging for consumables

Dedicated Team for the Curation of Fish Collagen Medication

A good quality fish collagen does not only require a factory full of machines but it also requires a team of workers with profound knowledge who are involved at all stages of production so that they can design the most ideal Nutraceutical product for the market. United Laboratories being the best Fish Collagen Manufacturer and Supplier in India,  spares no expense in designing the best product, and delivering the best service to our customers is the lifetime mission of our business.

  • Quality Control staff
  • Warehouse management
  • Packaging Crew
  • Logistics team
  • R&D Department
  • Manufacturing team

Premium Range of Finest Quality Products Provided in the Market

A large selection of our United Laboratories’s nutraceutical products is available for manufacturing. We provide the Nutraceutical company with large and top-quality healthcare medicines. Producing medicine is one thing but Nutraceutical manufacturing must prioritize the prompt delivery of products. Production and delivery of products are environment friendly and available at a reasonable price for us and all of our associates, thanks to all of them for a wide network of distribution & logistics personnel. Here is a list of some nutraceutical products:

Coral Calcium Vitamin E Capsules
Potassium Citrate Capsules Antioxidants
Multi-Minerals Vitamin D Capsules
Ferrous Ascorbate, Folic Acid and Zinc Capsules Silymarin
Calcium Capsules N-Acetylcysteine
Vitamin D3 Capsules Pre-Pro Biotics
Biotin Capsules Piperin Capsules
Collagen Peptides Vitamin C Capsules
Carbonyl Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Zinc Capsules B-complex Capsules
Cholecalciferol Ferrous Ascorbate and Folic Acid Capsules
Cissus Quadangularis Extract Capsules Spirulina
Methylcobalamin Capsules Gabapentin Capsules
Bioactive Collagen Peptide Gabapentin Capsules
Ginseng extract Ginseng with multivitamins
Antioxidants with Vitamins Bilberry Capsules

Why Choose our Renowned Fish Collagen Manufacturer and Exporter in India?

If you are a nutraceutical company in search of quality manufacturers of nutritional supplement healthcare products, United Laboratories will be your best partner. Through many active years in the Nutraceutical sector, our Fish Collagen Manufacturing Company in India knows what its customers need and supplies them with superior and unique products. We fulfil our commitments concerning delivery schedules and try to guarantee that our customers get their orders in less time.

  • A large supply chain network
  • Follows ethical guidelines
  • Transparent deals
  • Global Presence
  • Large storage space
  • DCGI-approved molecule

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