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Alpha Ketoanalogue Manufacturer in India – Nowadays people are taking care of their health. It is often seen that there is a drastic increase in kidney problems. The change in the diet and the environment has affected the lifestyle of the person leading to serious health issues. In India, there are many manufacturers who are manufacturing a wide range of Nutraceutical products and medicines to help people in treating their health issues. Seeing the drastic increase in the number of Kidney problems we at United Laboratories are the best Alpha Ketoanalogue Manufacturer in India

United Laboratories is an ISO-certified Nutraceutical company that is helping society in treating their health issues including chronic health problems. We have a team of experts who take care of all the manufacturing processes including the quality assurance of the products. To help people in treating their chronic kidney issues we are manufacturing a wide range of kidney products. We are the best and the trusted Alpha Ketoanalogue Manufacturer in India as with these products the person is able to treat his kidney issue. 

Alpha Ketoanalogue Manufacturer in India

Quality Assurance Given By United Laboratories On Manufacturing Of Nutritional Supplements

United Laboratories is one of the leading names in the list of the top Nutritional Supplements manufacturers in India. We make use of hi-tech machines that enable us to come up with new and latest techniques of production as well as save a lot of costs. We already have a very extensive experience in the manufacturing and supplying of Alpha Ketoanalogue for a good number of clients across the globe. 

Seeing the increasing rate of chronic kidney disease, we have to come up as the leading alpha ketoanalogue manufacturer in India. All batches of Nutraceutical products and nutritional supplements that we produce are first checked for any kind of problems or any other side effects and after that, the delivery is done using an extraordinary team of logistics. All the norms and guidelines of WHO, GMP, and other institutions are followed by us on a consistent basis that further ranks us as one of the top names in the list of top Alpha Ketoanalogue Manufacturers in India.

  • The team of experts working with us takes complete care of the manufacturing of all ranges of Nutraceutical products that we produce.
  • Unadulterated Alpha Ketoanalogue is offered by our side to all linked Nutraceutical professionals.
  • Certified methods and techniques of production are utilized by us for manufacturing all nutritional supplements.
  • Modern infrastructure is utilized by us for the manufacturing of Alpha Ketoanalogue for all Nutraceutical professionals.

Why Choose United Laboratories As The Top Alpha Ketoanalogue Manufacturer in India

United Laboratories being one of the best Alpha Ketoanalogue Manufacturing Company in India, offers quality packing on all the Nutraceutical products that we offer. The material that we use for the packing as well as for the production of all nutritional supplements is of top-notch quality. The Alpha Ketoanalogue supplied by United Laboratories is very effective in treating long-term kidney disease. Not only to patients suffering from kidney diseases, but in some cases it is also given to some patients during their heart surgery as it helps to limit the chances of complications that otherwise may arise.

  • We extensively select high-quality raw materials for coming up with top-notch medicines and other nutritional supplements.
  • We have partnered with some of the top vendors in the Nutraceutical sector which aids us to come up with the best possible final product.
  • Our company has a very strong history of making useful medicines using all high-quality materials for a very long period of time.
  • Dedicated & modular laboratories are utilized for the production of all kinds of nutritional supplements that we offer for the manufacturing work.
  • A highly skilled and experienced team of workers are linked with us which makes the production process go with ease without facing any major issue.

All About Alpha Ketoanalogue 

Alpha-ketoglutarate is a chemical found in the body and companies also make use of it to make some kind of medicine. Generally, it is utilized for kidney disease, and intestinal and stomach disorders. In some cases, the healthcare experts may also give alpha-ketoglutarate intravenously in order to prevent an injury to the heart that may be caused by blood flow problems during heart surgery. It also prevents muscle breakdown after surgery or trauma. 

Alpha Ketoanalogue works in many ways in the body, as it helps to make muscle, and also speeds the process of healing wounds. When it is taken low with a low protein diet it helps in delaying the progression of kidney diseases and also in dialysis initiation. The Alpha Ketoanalogue manufactured by United Laboratories also does its job by preventing the unnecessary increase in urea level in the blood due to the intaking of non-essential amino acids in patients with kidney failure and as a result, it improves renal function.

Precaution And Possible Side Effects Of Using Alpha Ketoanalogue

No matter how good medicine is, it is subject to some kind of side effects when not used in a proper manner. Some individuals may also need to follow some precautions otherwise they may end up facing some other kind of health ailment later on. The same applies to nutritional supplements such as Alpha Ketoanalogue which may also cause some possible side effects in some individuals. Have a look at them.


  • Before starting to use this medication, let the doctor know if the user is having any pre-existing allergy issues. 
  • In case of having an inherited disorder of amino acid metabolism, one must not use this formulation.
  • If the user has a history of issues such as HIV, high blood ammonia, clotting problems, any chronic disease, neurological disease, or low blood volume then also the advice of a healthcare expert must be taken.

Side Effects 

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain

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